Dear Customers,

Things are moving at such a rapid pace. In our previous message we said we would look at the feasibility of opening the View Point Kiosk and The Alex Café Bar to serve takeaways. Our decision is that in the best interests of our colleagues, our customers and the community, we will do neither. We are all in this together and we have to believe that the sooner we all comply with as little social interaction as possible, the sooner this dreadful scenario will be over. 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the huge number of messages of support we have received for both our colleagues and the business. Whilst many have expressed a wish to support Yeo Group by utilising any service we are able to offer, I am sure most of you would now agree that is no longer the right option. But again, thank you. 

A few people have enquired about the balance remaining on their Gold Card, and, in addition, in order to reach as many customers as possible, we uploaded all recent requests to join our mailing list - resulting in those people receiving a welcome voucher to spend in the next two weeks! We are not in a position to make any promises about the future, but we advise that you hold on to any such credit and we will review at a later date. 

Again, thank you for your support and understanding, we wish you and your families' good physical and mental health. Take care of each other, and please remember those amongst us who are facing this alone, or are not so visible. 

We hope to see you all again, as soon as possible - it's up to us all to make that happen.    

With love 
Julie and Tim Yeo



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